Many of you already know Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson from our Facebook group.

For those of you who don’t know them, we wanted to introduce you;

They are 2 super passionate doctors from Real Life Medicine. They are on a mission to help people lose weight and reclaim their health and most importantly they are experienced in the low carb and ketogenic way of eating.

It’s so great to have access to wonderful Australian doctors Dr Lucy and Dr Mary, who run weight loss clinics where they see patients every day – people with metabolic issues and weight gain that’s affecting their quality of life and jeopardising their future health.

Now unlike many doctors, they are holistic doctors. This means they are interested in all the bits of the puzzle. They have bucket loads of training in both standard medicine but also nutrition, gut health and psychology. With that in mind, they developed a program. It’s a whole health transformation that they run in their clinics.

Now the problem is that they are booked out for months and individual consults can be quite pricey. So, they’ve taken their programs and made them into on-line self paced learning courses.

Start your journey with real life doctors with their free ebook ‘Weight loss is all about hormones’.