Giving Back

A few weekends ago I had a wonderful experience volunteering for a charity that takes rescued food (saving food from landfill) and prepares meals for homeless people. I will continue to do this if Covid allows as my way of giving back to my community, saving food waste, and feeling good about being a human while of course cheekily dancing with my greatest love, cooking.
Daniela had been volunteering for the better part of 12 months with a charity called, a fantastic organization connecting hairdressers volunteering their time to vulnerable and marginalized community members by way of haircuts.
Daniela and I don’t have paid jobs, we are full time mums with two school age children each, and Daniela the foodie is also now divorced so on a single income. Our entire income comes from the books our wonderful community buy via our website.
So when you buy our books, you can feel good, knowing that not only are our books fabulous! But also YOU enable US to give back to our community too.
If you are a hairdresser who would like to donate their time, or if you want to find out more about either of these charities, please email us at
If you feel like treating yourself to a cook book today, knowing the money will put food on our table, pay our bills and put a smile on our faces, head to

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