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Facebook links

Some great discussions and videos in our Facebook group we have saved.  Join our group for access to these great links!

Chicken wing marinade ideas thread

French onion dip video

Avocado flower video

Cheese board video

Ask Nurse Cindy’s video on the WOOSH effect

Chefs zoodle maker

5 minutes leftover lamb roast salad

60 minutes episode

Chefs favourite coffee

The foodie making zoodles

What your mousse should look like

Chef decorating mousse live

Double batch of mousse

Why scales lie

Yoghurt made from cream post

Post on alzheimers and its connection to gut health and diabetes

Uni lunchbox ideas

10 year old childrens lunch box ideas

How to get ice creams out of moulds

On the Go vs Up n Go

Ideas for the ultimate crumb – here(1),here(2), here(3), here(4), here(5), here(6), here(7),here(8), here(9), 

Breakfast ideas – here(1)here(2), here(3), here(4), here(5), here(6), 

Chef peeling avocado tip

Helpful hints thread, a thread where you can post your LCHF tips

Save to ibooks video tutorial

Keto cakes without the eggs omgeeee!!!

TM6 introduction with Angie

chefs tip for rolling meatballs

If your blade does the second twist, it need replacing

Chef cuts up roast chickens

The perfect scrambled eggs

How to cut up a whole chicken and prepare x3 meals from it

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