Getting Started 3 meals a day Mealplan

Looking for new, easy ideas for your low carb lifestyle?

If you have our Getting Started cookbook we’re gifting you an easy to follow 7 day meal plan complete with daily carb counts and shopping list!

We take our easy to follow favourite recipes from our Getting Started cookbook and give you the inspiration you need to try new recipes and make it easy for you with a shopping list too. Hooray!

Download my meal plan now!

I don’t have Getting Started yet – buy it now & get my bonus free meal plan!

4 comments on “Getting Started 3 meals a day Mealplan

Calista Johnson says:


Thermo Foodie and The Chef says:

hehe, happy dances everywhere! xx

Linda says:

Is there a bullet proof hot chocolate for those of us who can’t drink coffee (it’s a thing)

Thermo Foodie and The Chef says:

Yes, in getting started we have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai coffee and even turmeric milk options published, we are sure you will love it, one of our awesome group members also adds egg yolks to her bullet proof drinks, not only does it boost fat and nutrients but also makes it extra creamy!

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