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Getting Started with LCHF

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What an amazing book. So many great recipes to get you started on your lchf journey. A few of my favourite recipes include the pumpkin scones, brown butter mushroom soup, lasagne, bocconcini stuffed meatballs with zoodles, chicken and mushroom caulisotto, linseed crackers….. i’d better stop!! Buy it people, it’s great.



So far, I’ve made quite a few of these recipes and they’re tasty and quick! Best of all, the carb-obsessed husband will eat them with no protest! Also, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything yum or indulgent!



This recipe book helped me kick start my LCHF lifestyle change. From meals to snacks, this cookbook has everything covered. Apart from the most delicious recipes, the cookbook itself is just beautifully presented and I love displaying it in my kitchen. All the recipes are so versatile and a big hit in our family. Thanks for helping me and my family change our eating habits.



Fabulous book. The recipes are amazing and very easy to follow (my 20year old son cooks from it regularly). The pictures are inspiring (recipe books are my weakness). My favorites – there are so many, Butter Chicken, Porridge, Pancakes with the Cinnamon Butter. The cheese sauce from the Lasagne recipe is my go to Cheese Sauce now, so tasty and so easy. Thank you Michele and Daniela.



After being diagnosed insulin resistant at the beginning of the year, I researched and researched the best way to change that- LCHF seemed the most sensible option. But it was so overwhelming! What can I eat? What can I make??! Around 4 weeks in to lchf, this book was released. It has been an absolute godsend, giving lots of recipes to make me feel ‘normal’ with out the carbs! They are simply and quick, and have mass appeal to the whole family!  

I’d pay $20 just for the ice cream and pancake recipe haha! Very much looking foward to future books!



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