LCHF / KETO – What’s The Deal With Dairy?

We’ve put together some information for you all about going Dairy Free when going low carb/keto! 

Why would you want to go dairy free?

You may be allergic or intolerant to dairy or just struggle with lactose or dairy proteins.

You may be lactose intolerant and now even know it.  Reason being is that approximately 65% of the human population have a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy.  Lactose is metabolized by gut bacteria, which can cause stomach upset, flatulence, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, and a few other familiar gastrointestinal symptoms.  Although they aren’t life threatening, they are annoying and can make life difficult and unpleasant.

If you find that you feel worse after eating a dairy-heavy meal, then you may have some degree of lactose intolerance, but it would be advisable to verify if you really do struggle with lactose.

The good news is that the low carb/keto diet tends to be much lower in lactose than any other dairy-containing diet, so you may only get minor side effects with some keto meals.  But, if your body is struggling with low-lactose dairy products like butter or cheddar cheese, then you may have a dairy allergy or an intolerance to dairy protein, not lactose intolerance.

To find out more information on this Dairy Allergies and Dairy Protein Intolerance and about how you can test for lactose intolerance, click here

Is it possible to live a dairy free lifestyle and be on a low carb or keto diet?

Yes you can! Fortunately, there is a huge variety of dairy substitutions and dairy free recipes that allow you to live a dairy free lifestyle whilst on a low carb or keto diet.

Should you cut dairy out of my low carb/keto diet?

Whether you have some degree of lactose intolerance, dairy protein intolerance, or dairy allergy, it is up to you how much dairy you include in your diet unless or course the consumption of lactose or dairy protein sends you into anaphylaxis or makes you feel terrible, then you should opt for a dairy free diet.  But if you aren’t sure, it may be best for you to figure out if dairy is truly an issue for you.

Click here to read more on how to figure that out.

One tip people do hear when their weight has plateaued or they aren’t seeing results is to eliminate dairy.  Avoid milk and cut back on the cheese, yoghurt and cream.  Butter is fine, as it is very low in protein and lactose and therefore won’t spike insulin.

What foods can I eat on a dairy free low carb/keto diet?

  • Animal fats and coconut, olive, almond, macadamia, and avocado oil
  • Red meat, poultry and seafoods
  • Low carb vegetables (stick with above ground vegetables) click here to find out more
  • Low carb fruits (i.e. avocados, berries) click here to find out more
  • Nuts and seeds (i.e. macadamias, pecans and almonds)
  • Dairy alternatives (i.e. coconut milk/cream/almond milk/ghee/mayo)

Where can I start with finding FREE dairy free recipes?

Our free meal plan includes a Dairy free option, which you can download here:

There are also a variety of free recipes on our website, including:


Keto butter chicken

Keto Slow cooked lamb shoulder with harissa

Easy keto smoked salmon salad

Keto Savoury Mince

Keto Prawn cocktail

Keto Lettuce tacos

Keto Chorizo prawns & zoodles

Keto Glazed ham


Keto Chewy Almondines

Keto lamington bites (chocolate)

Keto On the Go (chocolate)

Keto Lamington chia pots

Keto Strawberry Jam


Keto Cauli Hummus

Keto Nut butter

Keto Nocho chips

Keto Tuna egg dip


We also have the following cookbooks available that include Dairy Free recipes:

Making It Simple

Low Carb For Everyone

Low Carb Bites –  eBook only –

Delicious Dinners

Getting Started

Here’s more info on the Thermo Foodie and The Chef Dairy Free Recipes in each cookbook!

Making It Simple

Cucumber dill tzatziki, Cauliflower hummus, Avocado dip, Breakfast sausage, Salmon rillettes with parmesan crisps (with alterations), Cauliflower flat bread (with alterations)

Chilli oil, Harissa,Chia flour, Chutney, Spring vegetable soup, Creamy chicken and leek soup (with alterations), Spicy coconut soup, Cauliflower hemp falafel, Waldorf-esque salad

Vietnamese chicken noodle salad, Seafood provencal, Stir fry veg with almond sauce, Tuscan beef stew, Strawberry jam, Jam drops, Lemon pots (with alterations), Lemon custard tart (with alterations), Paleo choc

=24 out of 40 recipes are Dairy free or adaptable to be so

Low Carb For Everyone

Le snax and lunchbox crackers, The ultimate crumb, Rainbow kale salad, Coconut rice, Tropical pesto, salmon and rainbow salad (with alteration), Cevaps, wraps and cheats Ajvar(with alteration), Crumbed tenders, tabbouleh and ranch (with alteration), Stir fry pork belly, Lemon chicken (with alteration), Shaksuka, Satay skewers and nasi goreng, Acai bowl or smoothie, Five seeds porridge, Granola II (raw or toasted), On the Go (with alteration), Double choc fudge cookies, YoGOgo (with alteration), Choc fudge brownie and fudge sauce (with alteration), Chocolate ripple cake (with alteration), Rhubarb crumble (with alteration)

=20 out of 32 recipes are Dairy free or adaptable to be so, also has dairy free meal plan

Delicious Dinners

Prawn & chorizo cauliflower paella, Coconut beef curry with cauliflower rice, World’s best mayonnaise, Nocho chips and salsa, Cauliflower egg salad, Mexican devilled eggs

=6 out of 26 are Dairy free see the full sheet of adjustments to make the recipes dairy free here

Getting Started

Blueberry muffin breakfast smoothie, Spiced nutty granola with coconut chia pudding, Thai pumpkin and cauliflower soup, Bocconcini stuffed meatballs (minus the bocconcini), Macadamia satay chicken and cauliflower rice, Coconut and lime panna cotta, After dinner mint slice, Mayonnaise 6 ways, Caesar dressing, Raspberry Chia Coulis, Sandwich loaf

=11 out of 41 recipes are Dairy free see the full sheet of adjustments to make the recipes dairy free here

You can  also purchase our dairy free/vegan Low Carb Co seed crackers here:

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