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LCHF Seed Crackers

We love our seed crackers! Great for lunch on the run, we add slices of brie, salami, feta smash, dip into French onion dip or just add good old cheddar. They’re a life saver! We make them in batches and they keep for months stored in an air tight container.. if you need to re crisp just put them back into a low oven. For us, they are an LCHF essential.

We have a few different variety of seed crackers recipes!

Here is a video of our free meal plan seed cracker recipe

Foodies mums seed cracker recipe available here

and the beautiful paremsan and linseed crackers from the Getting Started cookbook.

We even have a Nacho chip replacement!! They’re our Nocho’s & they are awesome!

lchf banting keto version of nachos, introducing the nocho! perfect for you low carb way

Which one’s your fave?¬†




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