Nothing tastes as good as LCHF feels!

Sure, most people start off  following a low carb, healthy fat way of eating primarily for weight loss, but low carbers very soon start to realise there are way more amazing benefits to LCHF than just losing weight…

After the initial keto-flu like symptoms pass, once you reduce your carbs to around 20grams a day, eat moderate protein & high healthy fats, you will kick those sugar/carb cravings and start burning fat you start to feel really amazing!  We call these  multiple health benefits non-scale victories! (NSV’s) and they are real!! You may not always see movement on the scales but if you are experiencing any of these, you know LCHF is working for you & healing your body so keep going!;

  • Increased energy! No more feeling tired and sluggish.
  • No afternoon sugar cravings followed by a slump!
  • Cravings under control!
  • Sleeping better!
  • Glowing soft and radiant skin!
  • Reducing inflammation in your body!
  • Reducing symptoms of chronic diseases and type 2 diabetes!
  • Stabilising blood sugar levels / insulin spikes!
  • Regulating hormones and symptoms of PCOS!
  • Being able to reduce medications (in consultation with your gp)
  • Increased focus!
  • Better moods, feeling happier and more confident!
  • Your clothes will start to fit better, or you’ll even drop down sizes so dig out those skinny jeans you had stashed away!

Here’s a link we love with even more info on why LCHF is so good for you.

So remember, nothing tastes as good as LCHF feels!

You can feel better, healthier, happier from the inside out.

Try it and see for yourself.

Start with our free 7 day meal plan, we make it so easy for you.

Thermo Foodie & The Chef xx

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