Our Ambassadors Share Their Low Carb Journey With Us – Alexis Klaebe

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, your family and work you do?

 I live in a small rural town, nestled in the Murray Mallee, South Australia. I’ve been married to my ever-patient husband for 18 years and we have three beautiful children and a wonder-dog golden retriever, named Ted.

A love for all things food has paved a career path for me. I’ve dabbled in food photography and food writing over the years and currently channel that passion into being Food Editor for an Australian parenting and lifestyle website.

How did you find out about Thermo Foodie & The Chef?

 By pure chance! I was Googling all the keywords of Thermomix, Low Carb, Keto and just like magic, I was lead to Thermo Foodie & The Chef. I always say I don’t know where I’d be without Google, and I feel like Google really hit the jackpot this day!

What inspired you and made you start on your healthy, low carb journey?

 I had followed a couple of people’s low carb journeys on social media and had SEEN the results with my own eyes. I was curious, but not enough to spur me into action.

That is until April, 2018. Upon seeing photos of myself at a family event, I was rather shocked with the shape I was in. I mean, the camera doesn’t lie does it?

I jumped on the scales to realise I weighed more than what I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my last baby. How did that even happen?! I was suddenly riddled with my own insecurities and knew that only I could change how I felt about myself.

How did you start? (If you started with our free 7 day meal plan, how did that help you?)

Knowing we had a family wedding to attend in August, I suggested to my husband (who also had to fit into one of his suits) that we give the Thermo Foodie 7-day meal plan a shot. It was JUST seven days – who knows, it might just work. And if it was really dreadful, we didn’t have to continue. What did we have to lose?

Little did we know, our lives were about to change. Seriously.

The 7-day meal plan was the perfect way to start for us. I didn’t have to think about it – just buy the ingredients, cook and eat. It couldn’t have been easier!

What types of struggles have you dealt with while trying to lose weight? What have been your greatest obstacles or struggles? And how did you overcome them to keep working towards your goals?

 My poor eating habits (generally only eating one meal a day and surviving on coffee) meant I always felt tired, sluggish, bloated and just a whole lot of meh. My metabolism needed to be not only woken up, but shaken and stirred.

While the weight started to fall off my husband, my own results were slow. Like, realllllly slow. The first two weeks I felt awful and had nothing to show for my suffering, however I continued on in support of my huz. Before long I did feel better mentally and had more energy – still the weight wasn’t shifting fast enough.

It was my mindset that spurred me on in the end. With my new found energy I started to regularly exercise. The exercise, together with low-carb eating was a match made in Heaven and the results came thick and FAST.

What specific changes have you made that are working for you?

I’ve limited dairy quite a bit, sticking to a bit of cream here and there and switching to almond milk. That switch alone has made a HUGE difference. No more bloating at all and my gut feels much, much happier!

How did you manage to alter your eating patterns and accommodate the rest of your family?

 I ate quite healthily before going low-carb so there wasn’t *too* much of a change to the actual food I ate. I just had to eat with more regularity to boost my metabolism back up. The kids adapted easily, I just add a few of their higher-carb favourites to their plates and they’re none the wiser.

What motivates you to continue with this lifestyle?

 To be honest, two things.

 First, there’s how I feel. I’m fueling my body with the right foods and subsequently no longer suffer with migraines or gut issues and loads of energy. We recently went to Melbourne where we thought we’d treat ourselves with some old favourite meals, my body was quick to tell me NOPE, I DON’T LIKE IT!

Secondly, I’m turning 40 this year and y’all know you want to be hitting that milestone being the best version of yourself!

What are some of the best tips you’ve learnt from the Thermo Foodies Facebook Community that you would pass onto someone just starting out?

 Persevere. It takes some dedication in the start, especially so when you’re not seeing quick results – but it will be well worth it. Your body needs time to adjust, that is all.

Is there anything you would do differently or words of advice?

Definitely buddy up with someone or join the Thermo Foodies Facebook group – when you feel supported, it makes a WORLD of difference.

Anything else you would like to add?

Have faith in the process! It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!

 BEFORE: I’ve attached a few before photos, including the photos that I were my “eye openers” and turning point (wearing floral pants).


DURING: During photos were August (blue long sleeve dress) and December (blue sleeveless dress standing with my eldest son)


AFTER: After / maintaining shots just this week (jeans and dog). I also recently Marie Kondo’d my closet and tried on my wedding dress which I haven’t been able to fit in since the year 2000! Oh happy day!


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Navya says:

It’s always motivating to hear about others’ successes on their health journeys, and your ambassadors’ experiences are no exception. I look forward to reading more from your blog in the future.

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