4 Book Bundle - Vol 1, 2, 3 & 4; Getting Started, Delicious Dinners, Low Carb for Everyone & Making It Simple - Printed Book Bundle (includes free ebooks)


Keto Cakes - 4 Book DiscountBuy 1 or more Quantity Keto Cakes - Printed Book + free eBook (KC) and get discount in 4 Book Bundle - Vol 1, 2, 3 & 4; Getting Started, Delicious Dinners, Low Carb for Everyone & Making It Simple - Printed Book Bundle (includes free ebooks) (BND4)20 %
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This is a printed hard copy bundle of Volume 1 (Getting Started) and Volume 2 (Delicious Dinners) &  Volume 3 (Low Carb for Everyone) and our newest addition, Volume 4 (Making It Simple) our complete LCHF series of cookbooks. It includes the free eBook for each cookbook.

Getting Started contains over 40 delicious, easy and versatile low carb healthy fat recipes. From snacks to main meals to desserts with a variety of options – Print Book + eBook (rrp $30).

Delicious Dinners is a collection of 26 recipes that is just what you need to create delicious LCHF savoury meals your whole family will enjoy – Print Book + eBook (rrp $30)

Low Carb for Everyone is a collection of 32 recipes in a beautifully photographed 68 page book, with a bonus addition of 3 weekly meal plans for you to create delicious LCHF meals your whole family will enjoy. A little something for everyone, with vegetarian, dairy free and nut free options and helpful variation suggestions thoughtfully considered for each recipe. Making quick, versatile lunches, child lunchbox friendly snacks & family favourite dinners that are all low carb will be so easy!  – Print Book + eBook (rrp $30).

Making it Simple is a collection of 41 recipes in a beautifully photographed 84 page book. Keto friendly and a little something for everyone, making quick, versatile lunches, family favourite dinners and healthy desserts that are all low carb and kept simple for your cooking enjoyment, this book is a must have for any occasion. Full nutritional panels are provided for each recipe, with vegetarian, dairy free and nut free options where possible! Print Book + eBook (rrp $30)

All our recipes have been thoroughly tested and are complimented with full page colour professional photographs.

The recipes in our cookbooks are all LCHF, compliant based on Real Meal Revolution’s food philosophy. They are low carb, high in healthy fat, additive free, gluten free, grain free, soy free, refined sugar free and some recipes are nut and dairy free, but most of all – they are filling and delicious!

You will receive an immediate download link for all three eBooks within the confirmation email of your purchase. There is also a pdf file to download the conventional cooking method instructions for each cookbook if you don’t have a thermo mixer.


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International orders welcome.

Please ensure the email address attached to your order and PayPal account is current as this is the address your eBook will be emailed to. Any problems please email us at info@thermofoodieandthechef.com or you can re-request your ebook links once ordered here https://thermofoodieandthechef.com/ebook-request-form/

Postage fee is based on location / postcode within Australia.

**You will receive an email with the download links. We would appreciate you not redistributing the emailed link or the e-book to others. The income generated from our recipe book is to support our hard work and passion in putting this book together for our LCHF enthusiasts. And more importantly, this income will support the making of the next cookbooks for you to enjoy in our LCHF series. Thank-you. The Foodie & The Chef x**


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42 reviews for 4 Book Bundle – Vol 1, 2, 3 & 4; Getting Started, Delicious Dinners, Low Carb for Everyone & Making It Simple – Printed Book Bundle (includes free ebooks)

  1. Elise

    These books are wonderful, with simple easy to source ingredients, nutritious, low carb, every single recipe is delicious and super easy to make and make again without failure. Highly recommend these recipes.

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    Worth every cent! I’m yet to find a recipe I don’t like. I’ve lost 30kg using the delicious meals, snacks and desserts in these books! Loads of options, casserole style meals, classic meat and veg, stir fry, soups, salads, sauces and delicious treats! Thank you so much TFTC!

  3. Susan Hanmore

    Love all the books! Clear and easy to follow instructions! Have enjoyed gastronomic successes with the recipes! Would highly recommend them to keto/low carbers!

  4. Leah

    My first recommendation to anyone changing to a low carb lifestyle is to look at these recipes.
    Recipes are afforable, easy to prepare, use staple ingredients and are all delicious!
    Well done ladies, cannot wait to order the next book!

  5. Eileen

    Beautiful books with easy to follow recipes for delicious low carb meals.
    Definitely recommend them all and I eagerly away the next installment!

  6. Sandra Savid (verified owner)

    Wonderful recipes, easy to follow, make and above all tastes great

  7. Janine Dalgairns

    Love, love, love these books. They are the only cookbooks I use now. They are worth every cent.

  8. Caro (verified owner)

    Best books out find them easy and delicious use all the time 5 stars

  9. Sandra

    I love these books,very easy to follow healthy delicious recipes, I often make bulk and freeze.
    I have even bought for gifts. Would highly recommend them to everyone

  10. Judy Phillips

    These books are amazing they are my go to for eating LCHF wouldn’t be without them. Also well written and easy to follow instructions even free downloads for conventional cooking method.

  11. Kylie

    Love love love these books – every recipe is simply delicious. Waiting eagerly for Keto Cakes 😋 thank you Daniela & Michelle

  12. Trish Hutchins

    They are without a doubt the best books out there. They helped me lose 25.5 kg in 6mths. Can’t ask for more than that so a big thankyou ladies keep up the good work

  13. Denise

    There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use one of these books in one way or another! These two are superwomen with magical powers to make my life easier, oh, and the recipes ALL work and are easy to follow!!!

  14. Dinky Berln

    Excellent books with superb recipes. Easy to understand.

  15. Natalie

    I am probably the worst cook ever, but following these recipes are so simple to use, and delicious, I would highly recommend these books to everyone

  16. Emily

    I use these books everyday. I know if I didn’t have them I would have given up on this WOE long ago but now it’s so easy!

  17. Margaret Holdsworth

    Amazing books – have bought all of them and waiting for the next one. Very easy to follow and recipes are delicious. Well done.

  18. Nicole

    My favorite keto books! Great tasting recipes, easy to follow and lots of variety.

  19. Faye (verified owner)

    Love these books!

  20. Becky Leach

    These books are amazing. Completely failsafe delicious and easy to follow recipes
    Thank you

  21. Rosmarie Benedetto

    Have all four books, the recipes are so easy to use. And the recipes are delicious!

  22. Kirsty (verified owner)

    Great purchase, use these books every week and excited for the next addition 😊.

  23. Kaye Willis

    Best Recipe books ever! I’ve got all 4 & use them all the time. Very easy to follow & delicious food!
    Can’t wait for number 5. Thanks ladies!

  24. Kathy Jenkinson

    Awesome books all the recipes taste great and so easy to make

  25. Denise (verified owner)

    Recipes are just so easy to follow, us the 4 books so often.

  26. Jill Emmelhainz

    Have all 4, looking forward to the next one! Delicious recipes and easy to follow 😊 Highly Recommend.

  27. Joy

    Amazing recipes, turn out and impress everytime.

  28. Lauren

    The best collection of everyday and family friendly LCHF recipe books I have come across. Easy and quick to prepare, and every single one is a winner. I could not pick a favorite book out of the 4 as they are all essential and well used in our house.

  29. Kathy Chevins

    These books are my bibles! Love the recipes, great value for money.

  30. Brooke

    So glad I got the bundle, I use recipes from all of the books almost every day. Easy and delicious – I’m yet to have a fail from all the recipes I’ve tried!

  31. Susan Allen

    Best low carb books ever! Easy to follow recipes and sooooo delicious and yum! Looking forward to number 5 – CAKES! 😍🥰💜❤️💙

  32. Barbara Marsden

    I love these books! Teamed with the FB site there is constant assistance. It is easy to cook in a compliant way with the help of these books. Love them 😜😀😜😀💕

  33. Vivien Gearin

    There is nothing that compares with the quality and taste of these 4 books or the free recipes available on this site. So looking forward to the new keto cake book all stocked to bake after trying two of these cakes knowng how fail proof and delicious these cake recipes and the information and hints will be. There all so versatile as well. Thank you

  34. Linda

    These books are brilliant. Such easy but super tasty recipes. I use them weekly. Do yourself a favour and buy them.

  35. Anne (verified owner)

    I have been following a LCHF/keto lifestyle for 8 years & have tried many low carb recipes & these are the best I have tried. I also love the fact that, even though I don’t own a thermomix I am still able to make these goodies because the traditional cooking instructions are also included. Love these books.

  36. Sonja (verified owner)

    A great set of books to get you started on a LCHF eating journey. I’ve used a fair few already and while my partner prefers “normal” food, he enjoys these recipes. The meals are great substitutes for household favourites (e.g. pizza or lasagne), so you don’t feel deprived of anything. Would recommend the bulk pack as it makes for great value for money 😁

  37. Pamela hawkins

    Best LCHF books ever. Deliciously simple!!!

  38. Aizawa/ Serene (verified owner)

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes! Makes Low Carb living accessible, possible, livable! KUDOS! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  39. Sharon (verified owner)

    These books are the best and a lifestyle change. The food is quick and delicious to cook. Highly recommend

  40. Denise Eastwell (verified owner)

    Have been so busy cooking from these awesome cookbooks…
    Easy to prepare and cook the recipes and flavours are fantastic..
    Shame the rating doesn’t go to 10..highly recommend these

  41. Natalie (verified owner)

    I highly recommend these books to everyone. I gained so much clarity to my keto way of life through their guidance

  42. Kim Hambleton

    Have all these books and recommend to everyone. Even if your not LCHF. Great recipes, easy instruction and a hit with my family.

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