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Getting Started - eBook

The Foodie & The Chef’s first cookbook in the LCHF Series; Getting Started – low carb healthy fat made easy in your thermo mixer is exactly what you need to start your LCHF way of eating!  The cookbook contains over 40 delicious, easy and versatile low carb healthy fat recipes. From snacks to main meals to desserts with a variety of options, all our recipes have been thoroughly tested and are complimented with full colour professional photographs. They are low carb, high in healthy fat, additive free, gluten free, grain free, soy free, refined sugar free and some are nut and dairy free, but most of all – they are filling and delicious! Each recipe also includes a full nutritional panel displaying calories, carbohydrates and fat so you can balance your meals with ease.

Delicious Dinners eBook

Delicious Dinners eBook- low carb, healthy fat made easy in your thermo mixer is a collection of 26 recipes that is just what you need to create delicious LCHF meals your whole family will enjoy – eBook (rrp $20). Included is a bonus 7 day meal plan and shopping list, so you can get started straight away with 7 days of delicious dinners!

Low Carb for Everyone - eBook

Low Carb for Everyone is a collection of 32 recipes in a beautifully photographed 68 page book, with a bonus addition of 3 weekly meal plans for you to create delicious LCHF meals your whole family will enjoy. A little something for everyone, with vegetarian, dairy free and nut free options and helpful variation suggestions thoughtfully considered for each recipe. Making quick, versatile lunches, child lunchbox friendly snacks & family favourite dinners that are all low carb will be so easy! A year in the making & extensively recipe tested, we are very proud to bring you volume 3 in our LCHF Series, Low Carb for Everyone - eBook (rrp $20)

Making It Simple - eBook

Making it Simple is a collection of 41 recipes in a beautifully photographed 84 page book. Keto friendly and a little something for everyone, making quick, versatile lunches, family favourite dinners and healthy desserts that are all low carb and kept simple for your cooking enjoyment, this book is a must have for any occasion. Full nutritional panels are provided for each recipe, with vegetarian, dairy free and nut free options where possible! A year in the making & extensively recipe tested, we are very proud to bring you volume 4 in our LCHF Series, Making it Simple, a low carb collection - eBook (rrp $20)

Keto Cakes - eBook

Keto Cakes is our first dedicated desserts cookbook. All the recipes are low carb / keto friendly, gluten, grain, sugar free with nut free and dairy free variations. This beautiful full size, 116 page cookbook includes;  21 Delicious cake recipes, 4 Versions of the original Vanilla Keto cake recip, 14 Icing recipes and both thermo mixer & conventional cooking methods.  We believe there is no reason to miss out on the occasional slice of cake on special occasions , even when following a low carb / keto lifestyle. The recipes are all gluten, grain & sugar free, with dairy and nut free variations included, they are all delicious. They are easy to make with readily available ingredients, everyone can enjoy these recipes.

Keto BBQ Companion - eBook

Our Keto BBQ Companion, perfect for summer entertaining! Just what you need to enjoy easy cooking while you stay low carb! Keto BBQ Companion will be published as both an ebook and printed in a handy smaller A5 size. With our standard full colour pictures, easy to read layout, including nutritional panels and dairy free / vegetarian subs wherever possible! We've created versatile summer loving favourite recipes such as tzatziki, mexican spice mix and garlic butter as well as an additional 23 fresh new recipes such as Portuguese chicken, BBQ prawn skewers, notato salad and our crowd pleasing mint and lime slushy, which will be loved by everyone! We wanted to make summer dinners and entertaining delicious, simple to prepare and offering you plenty of inspiration to make the every day bbq meal something amazing AND low carb that everyone will love! With marinades and dressings that you can mix and match with your favourite proteins,  salads and dressings, desserts and a refreshing drink, we'll have you sorted this summer!

Low Carb Bites Savoury - ebook

After the resounding success of their 'Low Carb (sweet) Bites' e-book, Thermo Foodie & The Chef bring you Low Carb Bites II, Savoury edition.  With a generous offering of 19 individual recipes, each recipe can stand alone as a delicious keto morsel, but they also pair well with one another, complimenting flavours and taking one another to the next level of flavour. NOW with bonus video cooking tutorial, menu plan and work flow valued at $5.95 so you can cook along with us and prepare a delicious feast to share with friends or enjoy being set up with snacks or lunches for a busy week ahead!  This book has been designed and written with the idea that the versatile recipes can each be prepared and enjoyed as a snack, or many of the recipes prepared & shared with friends and family in a tapas style setting.

Low Carb Bites - Sweet - eBook

A 10 recipe eBook 'Low Carb Bites' which is a beautiful selection of easy yet delicious compliant sweet treats high in healthy fat and low in carbs that will hit the spot.

Simply Planned - eBook

Simply Planned, your cookbook and 21 day meal plan! The first of its kind for us, Simply Planned, your cookbook and 21 day meal plan will be published as both an e-book and printed A4 with bonus printable package. With high quality gloss full colour pictures, easy to read layout, both Thermomix and conventional methods for every recipes, including nutritional panels and dairy free / vegetarian subs wherever possible! Chef has done the hard work, let us hold your hand as we take you through 21 days of delicious low carb recipes that will have you feeling satisfied, healthy and ready to take on the world!

Low Carb Fast & Easy - eBook

A collection of 40 brand new recipes that are fast & easy and make meal time prep super delicious and efficient!
With sauces, spice mixes, tray bakes, fast & furious meals plus desserts, you'll have everything you need for your low carb lifestyle in a flash!

We have written this book with some core recipe bases that are easy to prepare and as always use readily available ingredients. You can prepare these in advance to be ready for the weeknight dinner rush when we know the challenge for staying on track and accommodating the whole family becomes a true challenge. One Pan Mince, Butter Chicken Skewers, Easy Chicken Curry, Pulled Pork or Bangers and Mash and just some of the delicious meals you'll be preparing in a flash!

Looking for the printed books? Find them here!

Low Carb Keto Vegetarian / Vegan Recipe Cookbook - eBook

Our Low Carb Keto Vegetarian / Vegan Recipe Cookbook contains recipes that are not only animal product, gluten, grain & sugar free but are also easy & delicious. A beautiful collection of 45 recipes for you to try that are 100% plant based / vegan.

We know people with dietary preferences, allergies and aversions can find it hard to access low carb / keto friendly recipes. This recipe book has been developed to be delicious and suitable for everyone! Whether its a healthy nourishing side dish or a main course that accommodates a desire for reducing meat consumption, we've got you covered! If you thought eating a low carb lifestyle was off-limits to you because of a plant based life, allergies or intolerances, you can now prepare easy, delicious, keto-compliant meals with this cookbook.

SAVE $$$ with our  11 ebook bundle consisting of our newest cookbook editions, Low Carb Fast & Easy and Low Carb Plant Based!  And our complete LCHF series of cookbooks!

DONT HAVE A THERMOMIX? DON’T WORRY – we now publish both conventional and thermo instructions in all our books!




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