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The Foodie & The Chef’s first cookbook in the LCHF Series; Getting Started – low carb healthy fat made easy in your thermo mixer is exactly what you need to start your LCHF way of eating!  The cookbook contains over 40 delicious, easy and versatile low carb healthy fat recipes. From snacks to main meals to desserts with a variety of options, all our recipes have been thoroughly tested and are complimented with full colour professional photographs. They are low carb, high in healthy fat, additive free, gluten free, grain free, soy free, refined sugar free and some are nut and dairy free, but most of all – they are filling and delicious! Each recipe also includes a full nutritional panel displaying calories, carbohydrates and fat so you can balance your meals with ease.


Getting Started Ebook Low carb, healthy fat made easy in your thermo mixer is a collection of 40+ recipes that is just what you need to get started on a LCHF way of eating – eBook (rrp $20) ** Now available with conventional cooking method instructions for non thermo mixer owners – a pdf file of conversions is now available to download along with your e book upon purchase ** Or you can download the conversion sheet here.

You will receive an immediate download link for the eBook within the confirmation email of your purchase. There is also a pdf file to download with conventional cooking method instructions. Any problems please email us.

Please ensure the email address attached to your order and PayPal account is current as this is the address your eBook will be emailed to.

**You will receive an email with a download link. We would appreciate you not redistributing the emailed link or the e-book to others. The income generated from our recipe book is to support our hard work and passion in putting this book together for our LCHF enthusiasts. And more importantly, this income will support the making of the next cookbooks for you to enjoy in our LCHF series. Thank-you. The Foodie & The Chef x **

44 reviews for Getting Started – eBook

  1. Steph

    What an amazing book. So many great recipes to get you started on your lchf journey. A few of my favourite recipes include the pumpkin scones, brown butter mushroom soup, lasagne, bocconcini stuffed meatballs with zoodles, chicken and mushroom caulisotto, linseed crackers….. i’d better stop!! Buy it people, it’s great.

  2. Sharon

    I am pretty new to this way of eating , and this cookbook has helped so much the recipes are easy to follow and use simple ingredients and best of all they are delicious.
    Cant wait for the 2nd book

  3. Erin Gaunt

    For a first cookbook from these ladies, it’s a fantastic effort! Love this book. Banting recipes can be laboursome in conversion but this has been done with fantastic flavour and simple instructions. Most cookbooks i buy i only end up making a few dishes from, but I’ve already tried most of the dishes in this one. Great work ladies, i can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Michelle

    Great cookbook and recipes are so easy to make. The recipes all taste great and all worked out well. It helped me to start using my thermo cook as I was new to this way of cooking. All recipes I made everyone enjoyed even those who were not eating LCHF 😉 Looking forward to the next cookbook!!

  5. Antonia (verified owner)

    Lots of variety, I only got my book yesterday but made the pancakes this morning, they were delicious! Can’t wait to make the butter chicken for dinner tonight!! Thanks for a great tool to help us all with this woe!

  6. Lauren

    Worth the purchase. Bounty slice is amazing both Lchf followers and non followers enjoy these dishes

  7. Mary

    How can you reveiw perfection this is Amazing every page tasty recipes healthy and easy with photo to match this Cook Book has been made with so much love im blessed to have it i know you will be to

  8. Lisa

    I just love this cookbook. I have made a few things so far and my family has loved everything. About to try some others. Can’t wait for future books to come.

  9. Kirsty

    So many recipes and so far everyone is a winner!
    Love the butter chicken, Macadamia Satay, Avo smash.
    Following you guys is definitely simplifying the journey starting this woe!

  10. Tanya (verified owner)

    This book is fantastic! Every recipe I have tried so far has been super delicious and so easy to make! I’ve recently just started to eat strictly LCHF and I can’t tell you how much this book has helped me – it’s like my bible. Awesome cookbook!

  11. Kylie

    Fantastic easy to follow recipes for a complete LCHF newb. Beautiful pics and clear layout. Cant wait to receive the hard copy at the end of the month

  12. Sharon

    This is an awesome book…for beginners or not! Everything I have made from this book is amazing and gets awesome reviews. I dont focus on desserts (lost my sweet tooth on the WOE) but the cheese cake and mousse cake are DIVINE and its nice to able to celebrate on special occasion with my loved ones by having a slice of cake that is compliant, and those that aren’t LCHF don’t know the difference…I love this book and cant wait for further issues!

  13. Tash

    After being diagnosed insulin resistant at the beginning of the year, I researched and researched the best way to change that- LCHF seemed the most sensible option.
    But it was so overwhelming! What can I eat? What can I make??!
    Around 4 weeks in to lchf, this book was released. It has been an absolute godsend, giving lots of recipes to make me feel ‘normal’ with out the carbs! They are simply and quick, and have mass appeal to the whole family!

    I’d pay $20 just for the ice cream and pancake recipe haha! Very much looking foward to future books!

  14. Amanda Steenkamp

    Best LCHF book for use with your Thermomix (or similar) machine! Best pancake recipe I’ve tried as well as best bread recipe (I can actually have toast again;-) You won’t be disappointed!!!

  15. Debra Calderwood

    love this book even though I have not made all the recipes in the book the ones that I have made have been exceptionally nice . I would definitely recommend this book to any one doing LCHF

  16. Amy

    Fantastic book!! I’m new to LCHF and the owner of a new Bellini and this book has been my go to. It’s helped me get off to a great start with this way of eating and to make the most of my Bellini. Thank you!!

  17. Justine

    Brilliant variety and styles of meals! Kick started myself again and lost 8kg since june 1 🙂 thank you! Cant wait for vol2 to add to the rotation of recipes:)

  18. Theresa Lowden

    Best cookbook, everything I have tried so far has been a success. Love the pizzas.

  19. Joanne

    So happy with the purchase! I’m awful in the kitchen but these simple LCHF recipes have helped me fall back “in love” with my Thermomix!! So amazing to find such a great grain free cookbook with such tasty options!

  20. Justine

    A great book for a beginner LCHF like me. Love the Blueberry Cheesecake balls!

  21. Natalie

    This cookbook has so many delicious easy recipes. The photos of the recipes taste as good as they look. Pumpkin scone is one of my many favourites as its so versatile with flavors and great for any occasion.

  22. Kate

    Fabulous book. The recipes are amazing and very easy to follow (my 20year old son cooks from it regularly). The pictures are inspiring (recipe books are my weakness). My favorites – there are so many, Butter Chicken, Porridge, Pancakes with the Cinnamon Butter. The cheese sauce from the Lasagne recipe is my go to Cheese Sauce now, so tasty and so easy. Thank you Michele and Daniela.

  23. margaret duncan (verified owner)

    I’m new to this woe but this book has helped me enormously and the recipes are easy to follow and if you aren’t sure of anything the ladies in this group are so helpful, one complaint I cant resist the granola and have hidden it at the back of the pantry! cheese stuffed meatballs — yummy so do yourself a favour as Molly would say and go buy one ! ??

  24. Kristi (verified owner)

    Everyday recipes I’ll use again & again for LCHF way of life. Lasagna my absolute favourite!!

  25. Lois Robertson

    This book is a game changer. All the recipes are simple, tasty and LCHF friendly. It has made my journey much easier and now I am back using my Thermomix constantly for which I am very grateful. Thank you ladies. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  26. Kirsty (verified owner)

    My favorite book yet and I have dozens!!
    The recipes are easy to follow and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this book.

  27. Lyn Geraghty

    Love your book – great work! Your pictures are inviting and enticing, but also what the things really look like when made. I love the blueberry balls and always have some in the fridge. The naan is delicious and the pumpkin scones to die for. My non-LCHF male family members happily chomp into the food I make from your book. We are all happy using your recipes!

  28. Denise

    This book is easy to follow, recipes are all amazing, not one failure yet! Rarely do you buy a book where every recipe works for you and your family. Support from the authors is also second to none. Can’t wait for the next one!

  29. Ingrid

    Great value! A fabulous LCHF resource for those new to this way of eating. I’ve already made and loved so many of the recipes and which have become regulars on our table. Can’t wait for more books and recipes!

  30. Jan

    Excellent book. All recipes are easy to follow and taste great which bus even better

  31. Karen

    I don’t use my Thermie as I don’t like high carb recipes
    So I was so excited to buy this book

    Love the recipes and easy instructions

    Thank you for these Fantatic recipes ❤️

  32. Dee (verified owner)

    A simply beautiful book full of really delicious food. I have made my way through most of the recipes and most of them are weekly staples. Definitely great value!
    The lasagne is life changing…

  33. Louise

    Fantastic book that has reinvigorated my LCHF journey. Love the sandwich bread, it’s so good to have toast again!!

  34. Nicole

    Am new to both the thermi family and this woe. When I started was worried I wasnt going to the use of my new thermi. Thankfully Daniela & Chef were just about to release this book! It was a waiting game but well worth it! Still making my way through the recipes but everyone I have tried so far has been sensational & so tasty. A must have if eating LCHF & a thermi owner. Can’t wait for the next volume.

  35. Krista

    What an awesome book. I can’t wait for the next edition. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and hubby has been living off the lasagne in my absence. He’s still not sick of it. Definitely a winner in my eyes. If you haven’t already do yourself a favour and purchase the book, you won’t regret it!

  36. Jess

    I absolutely love this cook book since owning my thermomix Iv struggled to find healthy meals for the family with flavour but everything in this book is delicious! I can’t wait for the next one!! Well done.

  37. Sarah

    This is a great getting started book. I’m very new to the LCHF woe and this has been a great help. Highly recommended

  38. Shirley Smallmon

    The best book by far! I absolutely love it and it has made our LCHF journey really easy. I can’t wait for the next book (and the next one, and the next one…..)

  39. Sandra

    A great first book. Hubby is able to follow the recipes, that is a big plus for me. Thanks, ladies. Anxiously waiting your next book.

  40. Seamus Curtain-Magee

    This book is easy to follow and gives you a great start on the LCHF way of eating. Great variety of food and it leaves me waiting impatiently for the next book!

  41. Chrissi (verified owner)

    This book is my food bible! best part is it’s so simple to follow but the flavours are so complex in flavours, delicious and yummy!
    You want to make every recipe in the entire book by the end of the first read ???
    Having a son with austism and food never being easy to work around suddenly it seems my life just got easier and he has enjoyed every single dish I have made and I can finally stop cooking separate meals
    And eat together as a family. Best part is this food can be enjoyed by anybody and everybody!!
    It’s a better lifestyle for most people and i couldn’t imagine my life any different now.
    So change your life and read the food bible you won’t regret it!!

  42. Kristy

    The book ? is amazing .. there was a few recipes that haven’t appealed to me but wow the ones that did were great ??

  43. Ivana

    One of my fave cook books! Every recipe turns out delicious! My family members always ask for me to cook from this book (and they don’t even follow LCHF)

  44. BJ

    This book is amazing. So inspiring and delicious. The butter chicken is my fave thermi dish ever! Can not wait for the next one.

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